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Kids' Positive Affirmation Keepsake


Positive affirmations are short statements that help kids develop a healthy mindset and confidence as they grow and change. Repeated consistently, positive affirmations become positive thinking patterns and a belief system kids can rely on to boost self-esteem and combat intrusive negative thoughts. 

What we love most about this beautiful, handmade piece of decor is that it's a mirror* and, as a child reads each statement, they are looking back at themselves! Mirror work is said to be one of the most effective methods of learning to love oneself and build resilience. This is a perfect, thoughtful keepsake gift for any kid on their birthday, Christmas or special milestone in their life.

In the first two drop-down menus below, please select the colour for both the rectangle acrylic and 3D acrylic text. In the third drop-down menu, please select whether you would like to add dried florals or not. In the subsequent 'Text Personalization' field, please include the exact text (i.e., first name only) you would like added. 

Note: if you would like to add a signature (e.g., “Love, Mom”, “Love, Grandma & Grandpa”), please send an email to This is an additional $10 charge to be engraved on the keepsake mirror.  

Acrylic rectangle dimensions: 8x10 in
Positive affirmation statements: engraved, painted (only black engraved acrylic is painted gold)
Material used for text personalization: 3D acrylic

IMPORTANT: Due to their fragile nature, our Kids' Positive Affirmation Keepsake Mirror should be handled with care. Products that are customized with dried pressed florals may change colour over time. They are extremely delicate and fragile.To preserve the colour of the flowers and ensure its longevity, we recommend the following care instructions:

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
  • Keep the keepsake mirror in a room temperature environment 
  • If dust collects, remove it lightly and with care using a duster
  • Do not place anything on top of the keepsake mirror as the flowers can break and/or become damaged

**Each Kids' Positive Affirmation Keepsake order comes with an acrylic holder so the sign can be displayed upright.

*Please note that the 'mirror' referred to in the description above is only the silver mirror acrylic rectangle option in the drop-down menu below. The black acrylic rectangle option is not a mirror.

**Please review and confirm that the name in the ‘Text Personalization’ field is spelled correctly. Products are personalized based on the exact text provided by the customer. If a name is spelled incorrectly due to the incorrect spelling by the customer, a new order will need to be placed at the cost of the customer. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Absolutely stunning! Cristina is so amazing to work with - every piece is made with such care and attention to detail.

Stephanie Valerio Garcia

Absolutely beautiful ! A beautiful keepsake. Cristina is such a pleasure to work with she is so talented and efficient. Looking forward to ordering more items :)


This keepsake is SO beautiful! I can’t wait to gift it to my niece. Cristina was able to make this for me so quickly. It really is the perfect keepsake for any child’s room.


Cristina is truly talented and so kindly made my last minute request for a custom positive affirmation keepsake a reality very quickly!

This keepsake is truly stunning, and the recipient was so happy with this keepsake.

I highly recommend this keepsake as a must give gift!

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