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Luxe Newborn Baby Girl Gift Package


Our Luxe Newborn Baby Girl Gift Package is the most exquisite gift for welcoming home baby.

This beautiful, thoughtfully-curated gift package includes:

  • our premium white & gold-trimmed gift box OR pink & gold-trimmed gift box, personalized with her name on the lid
  • our personalized ivory & gold-speckled jewellery box with a pearl and rhinestone brooch* that is practical and makes an elegant statement piece in her bedroom
  • a hand-painted Parisian fairytale mirror in snow white with gold accents, ideal for imaginative play
  • a soft and plush Princess Bunny baby security blanket that is the perfect size for her to snuggle with

Individual Product Details: 

1. Personalized Premium White & Gold-Trimmed Gift Box OR Pink & Gold-Trimmed Gift Box 

  • Text colour: Gold
  • Dimensions: 8x8x4.5 in (only one size available)
  • Material used for text personalization: vinyl

2. Personalized Ivory & Gold-Speckled Jewellery Box 

  • Text colour options include: gold, rose gold, white
  • Includes a gorgeous pearl and rhinestone brooch
  • Dimensions: 6.3x4.33x2 in
  • Material used for text personalization: vinyl

*See text colour options in drop-down list below

3. Parisian Fairytale Mirror

  • An enchanted mirror that is hand-crafted and hand-painted by a locally-sourced Canadian shop, The Citadel Boutique
  • Solid wood
  • Measures 10 in

4. Princess Bunny Baby Security Blanket

  • 100% polyester baby security blanket
  • Features stuffed animal head adorned with gold crown
  • Measures 13 in 
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low 

*please note that text will be placed in the centre of the jewellery box, unless otherwise requested in the ‘Notes’ section of your order. 

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